Post Construction Cleanup

  • Removal of all trash within the entire building.
  • Sweep, clean, and dust the entire building.
  • Dust and clean all surfaces including vents, ceiling and light fixtures.
  • Dust, clean and disinfect all file cabinets and setting desks.
  • Clean and fully sanitize restrooms.
  • Clean and mop the floor.
  • Wash interior and exterior of all windows.
  • Cleaning and mopping of floors, if necessary strip and wax and shine.
  • Cleaning and dusting of walls.

Residential Post-construction Cleaning Service

When you’re faced with the task of cleaning up after a bit of construction in your home or workplace, it can be a real pain. Simply looking at the dust and mess can give you a headache. When you consider what you have to do, it can feel like a nightmare. To save yourself from this, hire a residential post-construction cleaning service by One America Window Company today. 

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Post Constructions Cleaning Service

You’re confident that the job will be completed quickly 

Construction in the workplace can seriously disrupt normal operations. You want to keep this as simple as possible, which is why you need professionals. Because they have the experience, these experts can complete this task quickly. You can return to normal office work as soon as possible.

Professionals can detect hidden messes 

You’re not a cleaning expert, so you’re not sure where to look for messes. While some dust and dirt may be visible in some areas, they may be hidden in others. The professional Post Constructions Cleaning service will know where to look to remove the dust and dirt. Nothing or no one is overlooked.

Professionals do not cause any harm in the workplace 

It’s also possible that cleaning up after construction will cause damage to your workplace. Your floor may be scratched by the nails, screws, and tools. Alternatively, you may cause damage to your furniture while cleaning. Your workplace will be unharmed with the help of a professional Residential Post-construction Cleaning Service

You are not required to purchase cleaning supplies

You must prepare for the task even before you begin cleaning. Purchasing the right cleaning agents and tools will be necessary. This also includes conducting research on the products you intend to purchase. Again, all of this, once, takes time and effort. However, if you hire a Post-constructions Cleaning service, you can begin cleaning right away because they have all of the necessary cleaning supplies on hand.

Cleaning Supplies Can Be Used Properly

It also takes time to learn how to properly use the tools you purchase. This is especially important when it comes to cleaning agents. Some of these items are hazardous and harsh. Inhaling the fumes or touching the cleaning agents may be hazardous. When you’re finished, make sure to properly store your tools and cleaning agents.

With pros, none of these things are a concern.

Waste Disposal Can Be Performed by Local Regulations

Another thing you won’t have to worry about is waste disposal. You can’t always just throw your trash in a can. Many areas have regulations governing how to safely and properly dispose of specific wastes. That means you’ll need to do some research on how to do it correctly, or you’ll run into problems with local authorities.

Waste disposal can be done safely with the help of professionals, who are well-versed in current local regulations for all types of waste disposal.

Why should you choose One America Window Company?

When you do your cleaning, you have to spend money on cleaning supplies. Then you might have to give some bonuses to your cleaning crew, and you’ll have to get them insured first. And you may end up losing more money for your company if you do it yourself and waste valuable time. The best option is to choose One America Window for a residential post-construction cleaning service.

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